SemQueryGen Prototype

Last modification: May 18, 2015


1.- Select an OWL ontology

Ontology Name URI #Terms #Concepts #Roles #Instances
Selected pruebasPellet.owl Local Ontology
peoplePets.owl Local Ontology        
animals.owl Local Ontology        
food_wine.owl Local Ontology        
koala.owl Local Ontology        
publication.owl Local Ontology        
Transportation.owl Local Ontology        
IronMaiden.owl Local Ontology        
User's ontology        

2.- Select up to 5 input terms from pruebasPellet.owl


3.- Select the output query language

Grammar of the selected output query language  
Banned Operators
and all fill some

4.- Query generation parameters

Query Tree Max. Depth  
Allow adding 0 1 2
Group equivalent queries Yes No
Extended info Yes No

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March, 2008